Client needs can be met either through hourly billing or by a turnkey pricing structure. Our Midwest location makes our rates extremely competitive with attorneys in larger metropolitan areas and having the same level of experience. Most major metropolitan law firms charge hourly billing rates range from $225 for junior associates up to $450 per hour for the most senior attorney. In contrast, Kane & Co's. hourly rates ranges from $125 per hour for our associates to $350 per hour for our most experienced attorneys.

Occasionally under appropriate circumstances our firm has provided legal services under a fixed rate fee structure. In those situations we always provide a written estimate for the entire project. We make every effort possible to stay as close as possible to those written estimates. However, unforeseen circumstances can occur that can impact any given project, affecting the amount of any estimate. Where possible, we try to report those instances to a client as soon as possible.

In appropriate circumstances, we may charge an amount in addition to our hourly or estimated fee. This amount, if charged, would reflect such factors as special skills, experiences, knowledge, and responsibility required in the course of our services. Other factors may include the success, the complexity of the matter, the circumstances in which our services are rendered, and the difficulty and/or novelty of the questions resolved. To the best of our ability, these factors will be taken into consideration up front so that you can predict within a reasonable degree what your expense for those services will be.

For a full fee schedule, please contact us.

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